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XMPCR Hibernation Wake Issue

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  • XMPCR Hibernation Wake Issue

    I am running XP and have my XMPCR hooked up using the standard XMPCR software and driver. It works perfectly with RR channels show up, are selectable and come through. Switching between inputs works as well.

    The problem I have is when the PC wakes from hibernation all I get is clicking from audio on my PC. The thing is, when I close RR I hear the XM stream but it seems to come from nothing.

    My guess is the XMPCR continues to output when resuming from hibernation and then RR tries to access it but cannot.

    If I run the XMPCR software after resuming (while still being able to hear the XM stream after closing RR with noting else running) I hear it click once then seems to reset the PCR and works.

    I'm sure there is some setting I'm missing to make this work but I can't find it. I have tried the XMRESET command on both suspend and resume with little result but I might not have done it right.

    I am installing on Saturday and would love to get this hiccup fixed.

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    Have you tried Devcon and Hibernate trigger?

    There's a FAQ in the FAQ Emporium.