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    I hope this is the right place.

    OK im using a 4gb CF card for my OS.I dont have that much room 4 music there so what i wanted to do was mold a usb plug in the dash and have a external usb thumb drive with my music (etcon it.That way when im ready to update what i wanna listen to its real easy.

    So how do i get RR to see the drive?

    In the config i selected Removable drive E and once in program it dosent see the files.

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    This might help
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      There's a FAQ on making shortcuts to browse any drive/path in the computer from the browsers. search for BROWSE.RRL
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        Another option is use a skin that can access your thumb drive via shortcut. There are a variety of skins that has those shortcuts available.

        At the top of my head, might want to take a look at the following skins:
        Crystal Blue
        Omega (I think)
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          Thanks guys.I will look into all that when I get home.


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            The latest shock skin is set up to work with media launch. I created the media launch program because I wanted to be able to easily use usb drives for audio/video.
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