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Problems with SENDKEY command

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  • Problems with SENDKEY command

    Hi to everybody and thanks for this forum, itīs great!! (sorry for my english, I am spanish).

    I am making my own skin for road runner and I have problems with de OSK and the SENDKEY command.

    For example, if I am in the web_browser windows and try to insert characters with the OSK is imposible. The OSK screen apears and I push the buttons, but when "enter" is pushed the text written does not go to the web text field. Sometimes it "works" and only the first introduced character is written. I have fixed this using Virtual Keyboard from this forum.

    Now I am embedding ImageViewer 3 from Gabepage but cannot use the SENDKEY command to control it.

    Anyone can help me with this??

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    I think this was a limitation of his application from what I remember. Sendkey depends on the application to read/interpret the keys, if it doesn't do it, it won't work. I believe other's have mentioned this limitation on that application as well.
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