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  • RR and GPS

    I am new here and really dont know where to start looking for a fix for my problem.

    I have a problem using E36 Skin and GPS software, I have used map monkey , Destinator PC and Freedrive and they all do the same. I have modified the position on the screen so that the audio player buttons are visible at the same time as the GPS program. If I select an audio button (which I assume is a layer behind) overrights the GPS screen and I cant get it back to the front.

    Also when I decide to navigate back to the main RR menu and then press GPS button again all I get is the audio buttons and the GPS stays active until I close or power down.

    How do I embed the gps and skin together?? If I close the GPS program and go back to main menu I cant get it back until system is reset.


    1 Gig VIA GA-PCV2
    XP Pro
    512 Mb Ram
    40 gig HDD
    8 Gig CF - IDE (only used to store Mp3 's)
    Blue Tooth usb and holex bluetooth GPS rec.
    8 inch Hami Touchscreen

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    RR and GPS

    Hi all,

    I am new and would appreciate some guidence or direction to an answer to my problem. I am using RR with BMW E36 skin and GPS software. The problem is the same for Destinator PC, Freedrive and Map Monkey.

    1. The GPS wont embed into the skin and as soon as I select say an audio or volume button (located under the GPS screen) the GPS screen disappears. I then cant get it back until I close RR and GPS and start again.

    2. If I close the GPS program then return to RR main menu I cant re-select the GPS.

    3. Recommendation on which GPS/Destinator program is best - I would like to try mappoint but I dont think I can get Australian maps.

    Is this problem related to skin or GPS and would I be better off changing skins. As I have an E34 BMW I dont really want to change the skin because it is the closest match to my existing dask lighting etc

    Thanks in advance for anyone that can help


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      Do a search on IgNative. You just need to tweak your config to get it to work right.


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        Did you read the RR FAQS??
        Specifically the 'How do I setup my GPS Application' FAQ -

        The ultimate CarPC - Wow!


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          Answered your other thread.

          The ultimate CarPC - Wow!


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            Thank you guys, the solution was so easy I thought the name for the gps was destinator I didnt even give it a thought about the fact I was using FreeDrive that was running destinator apps.

            That was my final conflict now I can put it all together and start destroying my dash.

            Many many thanks