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how can i add a sound in RR intro...

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  • how can i add a sound in RR intro...

    when launching RR, i like to add a sound effect to it... Without creating Flash and others, is there an easy way to do this?

    I tried to play a mp3 file in but... it didn't play... this is the line..

    L03,203,283,41,32,125,30,50,204,"Alien Encounters Solid","RUN;C:\Program Files\Road Runner\PlayFile\playfile.exe|transformer.mp3",""

    I don't know what control to use, just used a label so i can associate that with the run command above....

    What am i doing wrong here?

    by the way, what's the difference between run and runw?

    Thanks for your help...

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    I just put this little script together with AutoIt.

    Simply put the 2 files in the rr root, skin folder or where you want them. Name a song to intro.mp3, and put it in the same location.

    If you have RR start at windows start, simply put a shortcut to the PlayIntro.exe in the same place (startup folder ect).

    This way the intro song will start at the same time Road Runner begins loading. While RR is booting, I do not know of any easy way for it to play a song, as it in not "ready", as well as Winamp is not ready, for audio playback when it is loading ect.

    This script works independent of RR and Winamp, and will start playing the audio virtually instantly when run.

    I included a StopIntro.exe, you can use that when testing, as well as if you want to add to ONSKINSTART to stop the audio once RR is loaded.

    Again put both files in the zip, as well as your Intro.mp3 all in the same folder.

    Hope this helps!

    Play intro sound startup sound road runner starts
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      That worked out nice... Thanks John...

      U know.. many people are trying to track you down man.. better hide deep... or release 3.0.. I won't say anything though


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        Front End of Choice: Ride Runner (Is there anything else??? ) & Powered by the DFX5.1 Skin Available in the Mobile App Mart

        My Fiero Build Thread


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          The loader skin will not do any extra commands as far as I know. In fact it only displays two different labels. Add a command to your exectbl.ini
          This is the code I use in my skin
          "ONSKINSTART", "RUNQ;$SKINPATH$VOICES\welcome.exe"
          the exe is a .bat file converted so that RR would execute it as a ghost app meaning it will not be seen by the user and runs in the background.
          I am actually using an external command line wav player to play the wave file. I found it on nonags dot com free and distributable.
          Works very good and no external scripts needed.
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            that's what i was looking for.. i used john's exe with your method.. Works out the way i wanted...

            "ONSKINSTART","RUNQ;$SKINPATH$PlayFile\PlayIntro.e xe"

            Man, how many run series there are???? runq, run,runw.....??

            Now, i have a transformer logo in the center spinning with a transformer sound as intro.. hehe.. can't get much better

            If anyone is interested these sounds....

            Thanks a lot.
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              Could you please make a little autoit script to play a wav file that i can set the skin to reference on a button press
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                no need autoscript... just follow the instruction in this thread... That works pretty well... but little slow... Best thing is if Guino can implement this in RR code, then i think it will perform better....


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                  Now that leads me to bother Guino,

                  big dog, how about it? Is this gonna slow down RR or require many lines of code or both? If it can be done avoiding the above drawback, then it would be a nice addition...

                  U can have it on and off and whatever ding you wanna use.. That of course can be set in rr.ini... ^^


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                    the runq method with playfile at onskinstart is about the best performance you'll get from it -- it runs it in paralell with RR without slowing it down... however, you should bear in mind that everything is a bit sluggish while RR is loading, exactly because of the nature of disk access (which is also needed to read the audio file to play).
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                      Makes perfect sense... By the way, i've been using runw, just switched to runq works much better.. Thank you..


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                        I tried playing sounds on button presses a while back, but couldn't get it to work perfectly. Main problem is when the mouse hidden, the busy cursor shows up for a split second. Also, it was a pain to call the command for every button press unless there is some event command I don't know about.