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Solution - Embed Digimoto

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  • Solution - Embed Digimoto

    Just a post that may help someone else with the problem of embedding Digimoto, after reading some articles and one sent in my last post I found a solution.

    The solution is not in any particular article but is a mixture of info from them.
    If any of you guru's can clean it up great but it seems that I had to double of on parameters to get it to work

    Here is my fix, remember I am a noob to all this;

    I used the RIP button in in BMW E46 skin

    {button pos data} ;"LOAD;DIGIMOTO.SKIN;WindowsForms10.Window.8.app3! Digimoto v4.03 (;C:\Program Files\110 Enterprises Inc\Digimoto 4.03\digimoto.exe;!WindowsForms10.Window.8.app3!Di gimoto v4.03 ("

    If I leave out any parameter it wont work, I found "AutoIT" better and mor straight forward to understand that "WinInspector spy"

    Thanks to all helping