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  • Logitech Orbit AF Webcam

    I just bought and installed this webcam to my laptop. The webcam works perfectly fine outside of Road Runner. I'm using the digital fx skin. When I use road runner and choose the utilities>camera option, the window displays the picture from the webcam. Pretty good so far, but the only problem is the buttons on the right side of the screen do not work. I push record and it gives me an error message saying divx error. I click all the other buttons and nothing works. I looked for the skin file to change settings as well as the RRconfig file, but cannot figure out how to fix this.

    Can anyone help?

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    I dont know the answer to your question, but youd probably have better luck posting it in the skin section, preferably in the dfx 2.0 thread. Lots of smart people frequent that thread on what seems like a hourly basis.
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      Actually this is a RRCam problem. Well not "problem" really, just that it is not configured correctly. Look in the plugins forum, for RRCam 2.0. You should find the answers you are looking for, or can at least ask in that thread, and will certainly get a response from INH.
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