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Steering wheel controls for HDRadio?

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  • Steering wheel controls for HDRadio?

    I've searched and read all the threads I could find regarding steering wheel controls. Everyone seems to be using it for music/mp3s. I just got a new Altima and am planning to put my carpc in it as soon as possible and would like to use my swc the way they are now, volume up/down and to jump from one preset to the next, forward/back. If I can't use the third button "source" that would be ok. I'm using the Directed HDRadio with Mitch's control cable. I have a three wire control (common, A and B) which varies the resistance when a button is selected. I'm thinking of trying what was posted by God_of_Cpu but it is kind of old and I may not have a game port on my MB. I would try USB but from what I've read it seems no one was able to get it to work. I was just wondering if anyone has done it another way. I don't want to buy any interface hardware or use IR. I'd also like to know how to get it to scroll through the presets. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    If you build any kind of interface, it will work in everything in RR, not just HD Radio, but music, videos etc.. it's just a matter of either making a plugin to read your hardware an send the commands to RR, or setting up Girder or something already existing to read your hardware and send the commands to RR. If you get to that point, you should have no problem with controlling HD Radio as well as everything else.
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