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    It looks like meida classic player is not as stable as i thought it would be..

    I have a lots of music videos and i use next button a lot.... It seems to be working ok, but after 4 or 5 clicks of next button, classic player freezes.. I have to kill it manually and run it again to get it going again... Anyone experiencing similar problem?

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    normally this is a codec issue -- some codecs are just not stable enough for fast switching between files as it opens/closes the codecs in a short amount of time.

    Try MPC by itself, probably will get the same result. In any case, the Built-In player is recommended for most users UNLESS you're having a problem with it (which is also normally a codec issue).
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      i am afraid you are right guino.. I was monitoring that little codec icon on the taskbar as i was clicking the next button.. whenever it hangs, no icon on the task bar. So, looks like that little codec is definately a trouble maker... No biggie...