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RR and IG4 are fighting for Volume control

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  • RR and IG4 are fighting for Volume control

    Hey guy's,

    i now have everything working except for a small bug: when I exit the Navigation screen in any skin, the volume bobs up and down very quickly
    between 100% and 0%, then settles on 0%, if I try after to raise the winamp or wave volume, i am brought back to the guidance screen??
    anyone already had that happen?(iGnative is on, sound lowering is off)

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    In page 2 of the General Config, check and see what is selected under the "Map Master Volume...". Mine had this problem when I had it set to 'all lines' changing it to 'master volume' fixed the problem.


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      Do you have that program that matches the wave to the master volume? This makes mine do what you're describing when iGnative is on. It tries to adjust the volume to match the wave volume to the normal volume while iGnative is trying to lower the volume. They fight and fight. iGnative monitors for changes in the volume to determine when IGuidance is saying directions. So when you turn the volume back up, iGnative thinks that IGuidance is talking and switches to that screen.
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        Try to read this thread 1 more time:
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          i did the simplist thing : turned IGnnative OFF no sound lowering no nothing, and it stopped, everything else ********* up if i turn it on, Arrow, what was the faulty program? I dont think i have such a program but It seems to be happening since i have BT installed....


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            I am actually having this same problem with IG3. I could leave ignative on, but had to disable the "Mute music on voice" option or whatever its called. I had this all working just fine previously, but then rebuilt my pc on a new hard drive and its been doing this ever since.

            I checked that master volume is mapped to.. master volume. I even tried mapping it to other lines with no change. I've run out of things to check though, so I might just have to live without the volume changing when IG speaks.
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