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i read faq on gps setup...but

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  • i read faq on gps setup...but

    i am not sure if i understand clearly...

    the menu allow you to select only the ones defined in the rr config, right? anything not on that list can not be added to the menu, you kinda need to create you own menu(skin) for multiple gps choice, is that right guys?

    did i put it right way... let me try again..
    I read FAQ, it says i can either set it to run a specific gps or pop a menu to pick one i like to run... What i wanna know is if i can add other gps to that menu...

    Thanks for your help...

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    Since that gps menu is skinnable, yes you can add other GPS apps with the appropriate button command.

    LOAD;;RUN;<gpspathandname>;<gpswi ndowname>
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      Sal, thanks for your help... now, does this gps menu thing come with RR installation, or i need to make one for the skin i use? Another question is, once chosen, how would i get it to remember as a default?


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        RR Readme.txt:
        This sets the behavior of the GPS button/function.
        (0=Destinator, 1=Mappoint, 2=External, 3=Menu)

        The above is what is currently built into RR in terms of GPS options.

        The menu that comes w/ RR displays all the gps options:
        Destinator, Mappoint, External.

        You can add additional programs to the menu w/ the right button code. By default, RR won't remember your "default" GPS app if you selected the gpsmode=3 (menu option). You can add code to those buttons to make RR remember which GPS app you choose, but that's all up to you.

        If you're only running one GPS app you can set those options in rrconfig (path, name, window name) and RR will launch only that GPS app.

        Hope that helps.
        Pico-ITX / XP Home with EWF-HORM / RR v12/02/2009 / Winamp v5.13 / RRMedia v1.2.2


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          Teknik 1 has the code that remmembers which GPS you chose.
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            The only time I run 2 gps app at the same time is iG and MS S&T. iG is the default GPS as setting in RR config so the GPS button will launch that automatically. MS S&T has it own button on the skin. Basically the GPS in the skin is like this.
            So if I press and hold the GPS button, it will load MS S&T.
            In ExectTBL.ini I defined MSGPS command similar to this.

            not the best but it work for my purpose.
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              Thank u and thank you... Now, i have a pretty good picture of what I need to do....

              by the way, have u guys checked out the new gps softwares... mainly igo8... That's one eye popping toy for sure... God.. this thing never ends....... on and on and on.. good and bad.. ^^