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Man I really hoped i didn't have to bother u guys with this..

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  • Man I really hoped i didn't have to bother u guys with this..

    but, i am afraid i have to.. I've both tried it for 4 hours on my own and searched whole mp3 forums to get some info... I have failed to embed minilyric to the skin i am running...

    Could anyone provide me some guideline?

    I have a button in the audio screen.. when click, it triggers this,

    "LOAD;;MiniLyrics;C:\Program Files\Minilyrics\MLStart.exe;MiniLyrics"

    so i can embed minilyric window into the area i defined in the screen...

    screen loads fine... but no lyric embedded...
    What am i doing wrong here?

    Thank you

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    Does the app even load, and just not embed?
    Or does it not even start ?


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      Most likely: either the path or window title is wrong. Did you use winspectorspy to get the window title ?
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        nevermind on that guys... it works... ^^ don't ask me how... didn't change a thing... Decided give one last shot before taking another approach... I think i read this somewhere but i am just gonna ask here since i can't remember the key word to search.. oh forgot the question... heh... embeds fine, but still shows winamp frame... Can i get rid of it?


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          I'm not too sure if this will work for you or not( I'm still learning myself), but I would try to "add" a clip region and set it so it clip the frame. again not sure if it will work for you but this is what I did when messing around with getting MPC embedded. Maybe one of the many experts here will chime in.


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            good idea Brew... I'll give a try..

            hope that scissor doesn't clip the skin... that's gonna hurt..


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              i remember playing around with minilirycs before i even fooled the aplication to be fully transparent, but as is not free will give you the popup activation, there is always a way to workaround this.
              any clip area will cut your skin as far as i know. happy skinning dude.
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