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    I've seen a few different Media Managers for RR that let you transfer files from a USB stick to the hard drive. However, after the files are copied, is there any way to power the USB down to safely remove it? On the desktop, I always click the icon (and keep clicking -- thanks, Microsoft...) to power off the USB stick before removing it. For car computers, is there an easy way to do this; and second, is it really necessary?


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    Part of what I take care of is a computer lab (6000-7000 users monthly). It's never a problem. The system tray is locked down on these computers (they can't stop a usb devices). I use USB drives all the time without an issue. It is a problem if you yank the drive during a transfer. The attached setting needs to be set to "Optimize for quick removal" as it's shown for the usb device(by default it should be) and should prevent any issues when pulling an inactive usb drive. FYI, in my MedialLaunch program...clicking eject on a usb drive safely unmounts it from the system.
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