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Conflict?: RR Voice control & GPS set in RR config

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  • Conflict?: RR Voice control & GPS set in RR config


    If I use RR's built in voice control and have a GPS port set via RRconfig my RR (VOID skin) hangs. I dont use/have iGuidance and I just put the port under GPS Port on the first GPS page. I have deleted Ziplocator.dll and I use Xport with ports setup correctly - nothing uses the real GPS COM port.

    If I dont use voice control (uncheck the box in RR Config) and reload RR a few times, it eventually stops hanging and lets the GPS display within the skin. In LSX VOID, this is top centre of the main screen.

    Can anyone else check if their PC does this as well. If so, Ill put in a bug request.


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    Voice control should not have any effect/relation to the GPS, so there's a good chance this could be either an external setting (in Microsoft Speech) or a CPU/Hardware issue (which may only be triggered then voice control increases the CPU load).
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      I have a 2.2Ghz core2duo, so hopefully this isnt a CPU load issue. Ive never had issues with either of those items on their own before. I do have problems with voice control on resume (but this was a different scenario). Previously VC worked perfect when RR was being loaded for first time. Now, if VC and GPS is set... mega-lag! Upon loading, only the REV,PLAY,FWD buttons on VOID appear, the others are blank... and it just sits there. The song title scrolls VERY slowly across the screen, but RR doesnt respond to anything.