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How do you work this configuration?

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  • How do you work this configuration?

    I have been reading the faq's and can't seem to figure this out. Someone point me in the right direction.

    I downloaded the RR install, RR skin installer, RR skin editor and crystalblue skin. I open the config on the RR install under the program files, select my skin and when I start road runner it just displays one image and doesn't change, no little pics, no characters.
    Do I have to load each page, and if so how do i do this?

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    I tried the skin installer and its says install failed.


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      Hard to diagnose the problem at this point. Your description is too general.

      Go to your Road Runner folder, open rr.ini in notepad, copy/paste the contents, and post it up.

      That'll help us help you.
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        Well I got it to work. Thanks

        Now if I want to edit the skin, say for example someone's skin I dled has radio, dvd, video etc etc and I want to change the words around how do I do that? I tried in the skin editor but can't find the file with the words.


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          Yea Mazdaboy.. ive been tyring to edit a few myself.. Theres always buttons i dont want and would liek to edit but many of the good skins are flash so basically i think you can just edit the button very easily..

          But hopefully im wrong..
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            A good skin to play around with would be DigitalFX you can change the buttons around easily. Press and hold, then choose the command you want the button to become. Also shock v6.1.1...just one file to edit--settings.txt.
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              Different skinners will design the graphics for their skin differently. You get a better finish by including the button text in the graphic, but its more difficult for people to change the graphic. RR has the facility to use labels, and some skinners have a blank graphics button, and then use labels for the text. This is far easier for people to edit, as they only have to change the text in the label, and then the function of the button using skin editor.

              As a reference skin Digital FX is probably one of the most complete, and changeable out there, and should certainly be downloaded as a reference skin to understand some of the inner workings of what you can do with RR.

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                I dled the digital fx 3.0 and have been playing with it. I selected a different color and the clock in the center still stays the same, it won't change to the mitsu symbol. How do I change it?
                Also how do I make my own shortcut. Say I want to run dsmlink for my dsm how do I add the text and set the exe file?