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Solution to Logo Flash problem

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  • Solution to Logo Flash problem

    There are several flash issues with RR. I was having problems with the Flash Logo's showing up correctly in RR and I would like to share my solution to that problem

    I installed Adobe flash and it didnt' work, i installed older versions, macromedia versions and nothing worked. I came across that Adobe Flash has 2 versions, a IE version (internet explorer only)and a Non-IE version (Firefox, opera...etc_). Depending on what browser you use to download flash from adobe's webiste, it will automatically install that version.

    I found out that installing the IE version of Flash will solve the problem with the logos showing up incorrectly.

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    yea its pretty widely known that you must install the activeX version of flash to use in road runner. This is in the flash FAQ already Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      apologize if it's a repost.

      I searched the forum and read the FAQ and thought that "Flash" was just "Flash". I would download the newest version from Adobe with Firefox and it never worked.


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        I just checked the FAQ, and it did say open internet explorer as the first step. HOWEVER many would think they could just use any old web browser, and not know that it specifically had to be IE. I just edited the FAQ to explain that ONLY IE should be used.
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