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  • AutoIt to RRcommand

    Hi everyone, Im not very good at using AutoIt (yet), but as I skin, I continue to run into predicaments where I need AutoIt to send a command to RR. However, my request for help is kinda specific:

    I would like one AutoIt program (.exe) that can accept parameters in the form of text files.

    For example. I run script.exe|radio OR script.exe|radio.txt and it executes whatever the contents of radio.txt is (i.e. "RADIO")


    if this isnt possible, what im trying to accomplish is to have a custom list or a directory list of all the possible options for menu buttons. a click and hold like digitalFX 3.0 will bring you to a screen with a LIST (not buttons) that i can click on specific entries to replace the menu button. thanks a bunch to anyone that can help

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    Check the AutoIt help file for reading and writing to an ini file. This is much easier than creating a text file and trying to get the part of the line you want from it.

    $MyCommand = IniRead("myfile.ini", "section2", "key", "NotFound")
    MsgBox(4096, "Result", $MyCommand )

    Use the two lines to set up the ini and test to see if the msg box displays what you want.

    Then, for the easiest way to send a single command to RR you can use something like and replace the MsgBox line:


    For the above code to work, you MUST have the exec.exe (in the rr root folder, can copy it anywhere as it is really tiny) and the myfile.ini is the same folder.
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      Do you have some more details about what you are trying to do exactly? An ini file is just an organized text file. May be a better way accomplish the same thing. From your description I came up with something like this (not working code, just an example):
      $filename = $cmdlineraw
      $command = IniRead($filename, "rrcmdrunner", "cmd1", "")
      $rr2 = ObjCreate("RoadRunner.SDK")

      text file (scriptcmd.ini) contains:

      cmd to make it work from a skin:
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        sry i didnt do a very good job explaining earlier. i would like to have a 'directory list' of a folder containing a bunch of files (whether they be .bat, .exe, .txt, i dont really care). when i click on one of these files tho, i want each one to be able to send certain unique commands to RR. for example, if i have a file called AUDIO (dont mind the extension right now), and i double click on it, i want it to run a bunch of commands that will change one of my menu buttons to say AUDIO, and have it run AUDIO when i click it, or whatever i want at least when i click it.