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  • gesture sensitivity

    for starters, let me say that gestures is by far one of the most underappreciated features and has really helped to bring a new level of functionality to my carpc. i have correctly added a couple of global commands to my gestures.ini and also set up some of the letter gestures to switch certain screens without having to access the main menu. works like a charm, well almost. i'm not sure if it's me or the ts but i can't get the gestures to work consistently. example: i use the southwesterly stroke across the screen for pgdn. maybe one in five strokes might be recognized as the pgdn command. i have similar issues with the letter gestures.

    code as seen in my gestures.ini, just incase any one is curious:
    /, Example of Global Command Gestures
    code as seen in my exectbl.ini:
    /, Gestures
    that restart file command is the most complex gesture i have used but it is more repeatable than the letter gestures and even my simple pgdn stroke. bottom line is: after testing my gestures with the included applet, it seems that RR is a bit too sensitive to suddle differences in my stroke. can this feature be adjusted? i'm open to any other tips and tricks as well.

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    I suggest playing with the gestures tool and verifying that the movement you're making with your finger is returning the desired gestures -- if you get various results, add them to gestures.ini with the same command like:

    "PGDN",SW S
    "PGDN",SW W

    etc.. you need to see what kind of trend you get with YOUR movement, then just add the movements you see and it will make RR accept any of those as a valid gesture.
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      gracias para su ayuda. in the process of typing this thread i noted some small syntax errors in my code, i misused the ',' and the ';' in a couple lines which prevented some of my additions from functioning correctly. i also spent some time practicing the strokes which has made a big difference in my repeatability of certain commands. pgdn is still a struggle.

      thanks again for your time. i think that the street deck users would be jealous of such a prompt response.