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Newbie ! Some first help please?

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  • Newbie ! Some first help please?


    I am new with this.. and its looks VERY complicated to understand who against who on there

    There is somewhere i can download FULL package that works with all the features ?

    I need, Phone contorl , GPS, Video player, music player, Picture viewer,
    Radio player..

    And i own a Subaru Impreza WRX 99
    Any cool skins?


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    The newest ver. of rr and just about all the skins listed in Thunder's list will satisfy your needs... Pick one you like and go from there... DFX and LSX are two of the most complete and complex skins out there... But, looks like you want something simpler and easy to configure... I played with several of them and really can't say what is better than what... They are all good and functional... Just pick one(looks) you like. Or run several like me... ^^ And be ready to do a lot of readings..


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      What about configuration problems?

      For example, the RR Mobile,
      i dont hear anything from the speakers.. how can i fix that ?


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        is that RR skin? I don't see it in the list... Regardless, if you are having sound issue. Check the winamp volume and make sure volume is not to set to all the way zero. Just run winamp by itself and observe... when install rr, you shouldn't really mess with anything for sound, leave everything default... Only thing you should be making changes to are the path for winamp, gps, pic path, background path,, music, video path... etc...


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          everything seems to work fine.. i have sound !
          but i cant sync my phone with the software ..
          What can i do ?

          I installed third party program for the phone called RR Mobile and it syncs with my phone, but have no sound there..


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            oh, sorry misunderstood you... i wouldn't know about it as i don't use any of the phone features.... Perhaps, someone else can help you out.. post in the rr mobile plug thread might get you more responses.