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audio playlist to pendrive??

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  • audio playlist to pendrive??


    Do anyone know a plugin or a sequence of RR commands to copy all the mp3 files of the actual playlist to a flash memory??

    I think it could be useful to copy the songs with one button in the audio player skin...


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    it would have to be done in autoit.. but i can see it being a pretty simple process. I'm sure bluezx3 or some other autoitpro will whip up a script for ya. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      My MMIv2 skin has that feature, but first, you need to set up the drive paths to your pen drive under the "Setup" >> "Media" menu.

      After you've loaded your playlist, go to "Playlists" >> "Copy Playlist Contents," then select the media you want to copy the playlist contents to.

      I'd post up the script for you, but the DL link is blocked here at work.
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        ops... sorry!!!
        my solution not resove the problem


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          i made a script for that some time ago, can copy currently playing song, the playlist or the folder where the playing song is.but give a try sal's solution his might be more updated than mine, mine is a bit old.
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            Try this:

            1. Add this command to your ExecTBL.ini:
            2. Drop the .exe into your skin's folder.
            3. Define "$destinationmedia$" via rr.ini, skin.ini or "SETVAR"
            destinationmedia=E:\ or SETVAR;destinationmedia;E:\

            *Don't forget the trailing back slash.
            4. Run "SENDPLAYLIST"

            That should do it...I think...
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            Pico-ITX / XP Home with EWF-HORM / RR v12/02/2009 / Winamp v5.13 / RRMedia v1.2.2


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              Thanks to all, now I am near of finishing the skin. When finished I will release it, because I think that it is more yours that mine (this great forum gave me all the ideas and help I needed),