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  • Movies Text Art, help!


    I am triying to have a screen with the movie art and synopsis (text art using the RXX tag).

    The problem is with the RXX tag, I tried to write it like the skinCommands.txt says but it does not work for me. The only way I can make it to work is:

    R01,117,77,379,431,255,255,255,255,255,255,15,"Ari al:B"

    However with this syntax I can not wrap the text to the text box, and do not know what the 3 fields next to the rgb are for.

    Can WRAP or SCROLL or something similar be used with the tex art?


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    The doc is wrong. it should be like you posted.. after the x,y,w,h you have Font Color RGB, then BACK COLOR RGB -- however, I'm pretty sure in RR the text art is always transparent, so those will be ignored. By default, text art is read from the text files, then the lines are joined together and the RR wraps the text automatically for display in the textart box. If this is not happening, I suggest trying different text files -- you may be trying something saved in a different standard (i.e. linux/unix format).
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      The text file I am trying is a .txt file with ansi codification made with notepad. But it does not show correctly in road runner. What is the format that should work??


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        Anyone has a text Art box in the skin so I can take a look??

        What .txt file do you use with text art?? could anyone send me a working one??