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  • RR settings and phone

    Hi! New to all this. Have been reading on this forum for over a week now about RR.
    Finally downloaded new release and update and started settings.
    Everything seems to be OK apart from a couple of queries that I have :

    Should RR start automatically on car PC or does it have to be started from within windows?

    I am having major problems setting up my phone through bluetooth. The phone is recognised as is the PC, files can be transferred, but phone will not accept that PC is a handsfree device! Any thoughts.

    Thanks in advance.

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    To start Road Runner, you have either add it to the registry to start, or go the easy way, and just make s shortcut to RR and add it to the start menu, startup folder.

    As for the phone, can't help you there. It is one of the most difficult things to set up in Road Runner, as there are so many types of phones, and everyone is unique in the way that it gets set up, blue tooth drivers, com ports and so forth.

    I gave up on using my phone with the computer a few years ago, and went and purchased a Parrot hands free setup, and have never once looked back. Its rock solid, press a button on the dash to answer, or hold it for once second to voice dial.
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