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  • Embedd skin into a skin

    OK, I've searched and I think I have something new.
    I am looking for a way to embedd a smaller dimension skin into the center of the in DFX3 AND return the focus back to the
    I know that I can use the "menu" command such as:


    But I want the focus to return to the behind it. Is there a way to do this?

    I know that I can use labels and use showlabel,True/False to hide/unhide my info, but I think that being able to show or hide a small embedded skin without it taking focus away, would be more usefull for what I want to achieve.

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      Sorry, but the short answer is "No". When a menu is loaded, focus is placed on the menu screen, and the button & skin behind that menu skin are not accessible. This has been something that people have wanted for some time, but is just not available.

      The only way to do something like this is with for instance an AutoIt gui. You can place a GUI over the top of Road Runner, and then be able to access RR behind.

      A Good example of this is in the DFX skin that you are using, on the Full Screen GPS. When you are in full screen mode, the button in the top right corner is an AutoIt graphic, thus allowing you to access iGuidance behind it to move the map, zoom in and out ect.
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        and in the same sort of way

        try Overaly script here in the plaugin section, just make a gaprhic of what you want and where you want it, and start the script when enetereing that skin , then you will have focus on both rr and the 2nd skin.
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          Thanks John, I guess I'll try something different. I need a bunch of labels to show/hide.

          Carputer, I need labels, Screen Overlay doesn't support labels , Yet.