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  • Good High Contrast Daytime Skin

    Anyone have an opinion on a real good daytime skin. I've tried a bunch of different ones over the past few years, but I haven't found one i really like.


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    Many of the skins allow you to change the background color / wallpaper, and the font color. You can set them up to look however you want as far as contrast.
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      Have you tried hAv1c yet?

      thread here:

      hAv1cplus is more for changing the font color and background, but hAv1c is white text on a black background. It sacrifices a little visual interest for a high-contrast approach.

      If that one doesn't appeal to you, then take a look at the skinning tutorial and make your own. It may take a while to get a hang of the skinning process, but who knows, you might have something that a lot of people will use.
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        For newbies I always send them back to the black letter on white background, something like Mac-v2-day.
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