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A lot of noise.......Please help

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  • A lot of noise.......Please help

    I have this problem with noise. I have A LOT of noise coming out of my speakers and I can't figure out way. I have the sound coming out of the computer and into the AUX IN on my radio. The AUX IN is for things like MP3 players. I only have the noise problem when the computer is running, mainly when the HD is working. I thought it might have been the HD was to close to the MB so I moved it farther away from the MB and I still have the noise. I can't seem to figure out way. Any ideas?

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    you might wanna check out some thing called "ground isolator" or something in the faq section from the car audio forum"


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      Try muting the Mic line, I have seen something close to this before. When you have the mic line un muted and nothing plugin into it, it will some times pick up interference.
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        I made sure I had everthing muted, I was thinking that, that might have been the culprit. But not so. If the car is not running I get a hum and a thumpping, like a heart beat, coming from my subs. The only time this happens is when I have the AUX IN selected on my head unit. I tested the input using a MP3 player thinking that it might have been the head unit, but I didn't get any noise. Now when the car is running , that's when I get the wining and the hum AND the thumping. I'm going to stop on my way home from work today and pick up a ground isolator. I hope this will take care of it.

        Thanks for all your help!!!


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          do you have a powercable running close to the audio cable?
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            I went to Radio Shack and got a ground isolator and it took care of it all. It's so nice not having unwanted noise, Thanks guys!!!


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              cool.. hey u think that's gonna solve my problem too? I haven't installed my umpc on my car, but when i do, i plan to run it off the cigar jack... I will most likely have some noise problem or maybe not.. if i do, i am thinking about getting one as well.... which model did you get and for how much?


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                Radioshack only has the one kind and I think it was around $17.00. I would go ahead and get one, just to be safe.