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  • List scrolls after click

    When you click a song or station or the next song is played the list jumps so the selected song in the center of the list. I'm wondering how hard would it be to have the option to make it stay put if the song/station was in the visible area of the list. I would like to select a station or song and if it is already on the screen not to scroll.

    I searched about a year ago for this and found a thread, but I can not find it now. But it explained that Road Runner could not tell the difference between a click and the next song being played. Well, it does not matter to me if it does not scroll if the next song is on the visible area.

    Please let me know. If it is not something you want to spend your time with I will program it myself and give you the source code changes if possible. I haven't done it yet because I figured someone might be able to do it in a matter of mins.


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    I'm guessing I'm not understanding your question, but on the outside chance I do, can't you just display a list instead of using a label for trackname or whatever.

    I set up my audio play screen to have a list that's big enough for three lines, that way it displays the previous, current and next song.


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      When you have a list of songs in the list and you click one the list moves. I don't want this to happen.