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Some GPS advice please.

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  • Some GPS advice please.

    I'm not sure if this would be best in the GPS forum or here, so here it goes. What GPS programs have you guys found that work well with RR. I want one that I can use through RR, instead of buying a separate program and having to switch between the two. Also, are there certain recieivers that won't work with RR or will just about any USB GPS receiver work?
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      You'll quickly find that iGuidance has the most support as far as implementation into the various skins. You can use pretty much anything with RR, although embedding it may take more work.

      As far as receivers, as long as windows recognizes it, then it should work in RR.


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        iguidence seems to be the choice for anybody USA side, but if in europe or uk.
        igo8,sygic,destinator, seem to be the choice. if you look in the main forum index not rr forum index ,you'll find a subsection on gps stuff which should answer most of what you need to know.

        rr has the ability to control iguidence , and most skins will except it too, as for the other gps app's its just amatter of embedding the app into a open skin. i know the 1's i have mentioned will embed apart from destinator 7 which is a bit of a play around to get embeded, but you could always use destinator 6 with destinator 7 maps, and i not quite sure on this but , i think Enoforcer has updated freedrive skins to except Destinator 6, but i not sure on this.
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          I've recently been using the Garmin Mobile PC and like it a lot. It seems to be able to accept the 5hz update rate of my GPS receiver so movement on the screen is very fluid and speed changes are very accurate. I like the map details a bit better on iGuidance, but I think the Garmin app tends to pick more sensible routes to a destination.

          I've modified the DFX3 skin to embed it nicely and it seems to play nice with iGuidance when both are running at the same time (as long as you have the programs assigned to read from different GPS ports).


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            Aright, I've got my copy of iGuidance and I'm liking it so far. I do have a problem though. When I open iGuidance through RR, it opens the window too large to see and of RR. Meaning I can't go back to control my music. Is there some setting I'm missing that would keep RR from getting covered?

            Kinda OT: When I open the web browser there are occasions where the bottom of the page is lower than the screen. Is this related?
            Edit: Figured out the browser part.
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              Have you read This?, it sounds like your window name isnt correct in RRconfig.
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                I didn't see that thread. I'll read it over and give it a try. Thanks.
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                  iGuidance and the BU-353 are a popular combo that works well with RR