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  • Monitor Navigation Warning

    I am using Garmin Mobile PC which is very nice (except no OSK Keyboard). It has good custom POIs which allows you to add your speedcam database and visually and audio warns you when approaching.

    The problem now is that I only get the visible notification when the embedded Garmin Mobile PC is my current RR screen. When browsing in Audio or looking at the menu it beeps in background but I would prefer visual notification since I don't want the music to be interrupted (also when listening very loud those beeps and announcements destroy your loudspeakers:-)

    So my question is how can i make sure that the Garmin comes to front (RR switches to GPS skin) when I get such a warning. I was thinking of writing an app / using tool that can monitor "text" changes of the exe. Let's say whenever a message "Warning: ..." is displayed i bring the EXE to front. Any tool that supports me in this?