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Inspiration Jaguar - Lightweight RR Skin

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  • Inspiration Jaguar - Lightweight RR Skin

    Right, I came accross this interesting design for one of Jaguar's concepts in 2005, I have litterally fallen in love with its simplicity and design.

    Heres my first idea at trying to make my own version:

    Different Orientation of background image:

    NOTE: This is not nessiserily an entire skin project, I dont really have the background to try and make one fully, but hey, lets see what happens...

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    looks nice and "next-gen".. but it also looks like a bunch of unused space. Just my opinion. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      Wow. I'm impressed. That must have taken quite a while to write. Matches the interior perfectly.

      Now who is going to make a clone?
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        wow, i really like that design, i think i may have to have a go at making a skin like that. I've been wanting to start a new one but have been lacking in inspiration.



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          Honestly it seems like it is missing something. Rather plain if you ask me. The background images are cool, but the buttons kind of suck because they do not offer enough contrast with the light colors in the background.
          It does look nice in that car though..
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            I love that skin!
            It's very minimalist with a simpe layout that anyone could use.
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              Oh my.

              Me likey.

              BUt I've always thought an ICES should be clean and simple.............
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                I like...but one thing comes to mind as soon as i saw it...its only good use would be as a nighttime skin...would you be able to change the color scheme for daytime use as well?
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