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  • Newbie Skin Question

    Why in the BMV2 skin does it load the GPS as defined in the configurator but a different skin it doesnt load at all?
    Both have the same comand on the button area in skin editor.

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    please stop creating threads for every single question you have, there is a FAQ in all subforums you can start reading those and learn how RR works, this is not a "Run Me once and your done" install, every skinner has different ways to do things, so your best bet is read the FAQ first then search in your skin thread(dont know which skin you're using besides BMV2).
    BASSRR ==> [Audio Player/MusicDB/Cd Player/Ripper/Rate/Internet Radio/Audio Capture/Youtube Video]
    RRTube ==> [View/Download Youtube Videos]
    WifiMan ==> [Wifi Manager]
    RRec ==> [Audio Capture]

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      oppps sorry, part of being new at this I guess.