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Need help creating Flash Gauge (scripting)

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  • Need help creating Flash Gauge (scripting)


    I have made a flash gauge to match my car's interior which I would like to display: speed, # of satellites, compass, and current time. However I am having a very hard time figuring out how to code the action script part in Flash. I have tried looking at various examples but have been unable to get anything to work but the clock. Can anyone give me any information or point me to a dummy's tutorial for creating a gauge in Flash? Thanks in advance for the help.

    Also, I have attached a clean version of my work in progress without all the broken code.
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    That's pretty sharp lookin'

    Mind posting the finished version when you get it working?
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      Originally posted by quantum View Post

      That's pretty sharp lookin'

      Mind posting the finished version when you get it working?
      Thanks, I plan on polishing up the gauge background when I get everything working. Right now it's just a rough placeholder.

      So anyone want to send me a working *.fla file to compare to? all i could find so far are working .swf's and .swi files which don't do me much good as I can't edit the .swf's or open the .swi's..


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        yeah release when finished.... that gauge is awesome man


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          Originally posted by JohnWPB View Post
          You can also try Softlink's SWF Decompiler, and convert the SWF directly to FlA files. They have a trial version to test it out.
          Try that...
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            Here's some flash gauges w/source code.

            They arent mine, They were made by someone else on this forum.
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