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    I had a strange problem arise this morning heading in to work...

    Last night I had updated my playlist. Playlist are created via MediaMonkey (which I have used for this purpose for months). These playlist are slightly different as they use relative paths instead of full paths.

    This morning started car and headed towards my van pool... All is playing fine, album art is showing, sound is nice and loud -- but rate.exe is crashing on every song change. No big deal(I say to myself), I don't ever use that any ways and should look into removing it. Decided to switch to a different playlist. Strange, only one song is showing -- and I don't think it's from this playlist . Hit next song, which plays fine -- but no album art, or track info at all . Try a couple more songs, same thing. Go back and view playlist list, still only shows 1 song. But songs are playing correctly and they reflect the changed playlist. Tried a new playlist, same thing. Switch theme from Trek2 to DFX3, same thing.

    I am running the latest RR and winamp 5.13 (??, what ever version recommended for DFX3).

    I mentioned playlist are now relative (just in case this is relevent) an example path is:

    D:/Music/0Playlist (playlist folder)

    An example song path would look like:


    Since none of this happened prior to switching the playlist, that's why I am focused on it. However, I had used relative paths before (or so I thought)....


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    i am having the same issue with playlists i use that were generated outside of RR. Did you ever get this sorted out?


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      so i fixed this just now. Just add your playlist directory under options - preferences - media library- local media, under watch folders enter the dir you store your playlists. i selected rescan at startup option. Hope this helps anyone else that comes across this.