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Strange search/nav behaviour in album view

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  • Strange search/nav behaviour in album view

    I posted this in the DFX3.0 skin thread as I use that but it may be better suited to the general RR forum...

    I'm still having some search and navigation issues in the album list. Running Winamp 5.13 and DFX3.0 with the new beta of RR (weather fix) wondered if anyone could shed some light.

    - When I go to album view in the library and try search by letter the search doesn't work, instead it jumps to the album currently playing.
    - Also if I press 'Dir Up' from within an album (looking at the tracks of the album) it goes back to root rather than to the album list.
    - Noticed that choosing 'add album' doesn't enque the album but clears the current playlist and adds only that album.
    - Double clicking a single track in the album window adds the entire album to the playlist and also clears the currently playing/queued songs from it

    I remember it did the same thing in DFX2.5 for me too, so it maybe something I am doing wrong with Winamp's library on the import or settings?

    Is there a specific way I should be importing my music files into the winamp library?

    Thanks for any help

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    Most, if not all that should be fixed in the next DFX release w/ database...
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