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Making Button Run App Embedded

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  • Making Button Run App Embedded

    Hi Guys,

    I am new to the forum and have been steadilly building a carpc using a laptop with a dead screen. So far, I have hacked the motherboard power switch (patched it to the modem port), made a startup/shutdown controller, Installed and optimised the OS and got Roadrunner going pretty well.

    I just need to see an example of running an embedded app to get me going from here and could not fin one when I searched.

    I want to run 2 GPS applications. Oddesy Street guidance (Limited options in Australia but manufacturer says it will embed in RR). I also use OziExplorer when I go offroad in my 4WD.

    I got Ozie embedding happilly in the launch screen with this code in the ini file:

    PATH = C:\OziExplorer\OziExp.exe
    TryEmbeddedTimeOut = 5

    Now I want to use the default Sat Radio Button to Launch Ozie and am a bit stumped. I started by getting the Launch screen coming up from the button to get the hang of this. Then I copied to and commented out all the buttons below the top Application Bar.

    Where do I put the RUN Command? Does it go in something like:

    B06,11,305,339,106,"LOAD;"";OzieEx plorer;C:\OziExplorer\OziExp.exe;!TfmMainForm"

    or does it go in the something like this?


    Any help would be much appreciated.

    2007 Toyota Hilux with a CarPC..

    OziExplorer GPS Embedded in RR:

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    The code should go in

    Here's an example of Sygic Drive on a Menu button if it helps:

    B08,451,303,339,106,"load;;!Syg ic DRIVE;C:\Program Files\Drive_XP\Drive.exe |-r800x460 s;!Sygic DRIVE||ACTIVATE;Sygic DRIVE",""


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      The following Button Code SHOULD work:

      The "OzieExplorer" in the middle, and on the end are the title to the window that you are embedding. This is how Road Runner knows what window name to grab ahold of, and embed it for you.
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        First attempt ever to skin/embed. Trying to embed an OBD program.

        I created the launch ini and it launches using the launch button in RR/DFX

        However it doesn't "Embed it just launches to the middle of the desktop

        I created a button using BlueZX DFX 3 button editor.

        This is the Skin File

        RoadRunner Skin
        RRScreen OBDskin

        "LOAD;OBD.Skin;ThunderRT6FormDC;C:\Program Files\OBD-DIAG\OBD-DIAG.exe;ThunderRT6FormDC"


        I copied the "LOAD etc... To the command button box in the button edotr...

        Where am I wnog here..
        I know, everywhere!
        Hey I'm trying to start, so anything is helpful please.


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          Oh.... Der..

          When I press the button I created once in RR, RR minimizes and never restores. I have to restart RR. At least "Something" happens when I press the button


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            Doug, I did this going. My probelm must have been some error in the skin itself. I redid the Skin and it worked.

            What I learnt from all of this is that the first step is that you need to Load the skin all by itself without trying to embed the app. Make sure the new JPG window appears and then reedit the Load command to embed the application. Did you define an area for your app in the skin file with the A command?
            2007 Toyota Hilux with a CarPC..

            OziExplorer GPS Embedded in RR:


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              I have followed some detailed instructions another member gave me in the DFX 3 Skin. Page 103. I am so new to skin editing, how do you run the separate from RR?


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                Just leave of the first and third parameters that define the window class/name
                2007 Toyota Hilux with a CarPC..

                OziExplorer GPS Embedded in RR: