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How to: Add DUN Connect/Disconnect button to RR

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  • How to: Add DUN Connect/Disconnect button to RR

    Alright I have scrapped around the forums the last week trying to get together a button in RR for myself to have control over my dial up network. I use my cell phone as a modem for my 3G access via tethering to SUB or Bluetooth (USB twice as fast).

    I received a wealth of help from the forum members and compiled some options.

    I use Digital FX 3, I'm sure some trial and error with another skin would work easily as well.
    Option one:

    Create two buttons essentially "Connect", Disconnect using windows built in "RASDIAL". This simply connects and disconnects the specified connection without the need of opening the Dial Up Connections prompt, doing it all behind the scenes.

    Help from Rsrblade and X10

    In the RR main folder go to your skin folder. In my case "Digital FX 3.0. Once in the skin folder find ExecTbl, it's a Config file. Open this file and find the area near the bottom with several lines starting in "My APP" followed by numbers. You will see all the apps used in the skin and a lot should be recognizable. You can choose to *** a NEW button or edit an existing one. I had problems linking an I con to a newly created image for a new button so I chose to edit existing ones I personally would never use, In my case "TV". In my Exectbl file "TV: is MYAPP 10 and has no code after it.

    Add this to the line to look like this:
    It my not be Myapp "10" in your case but you get the point. For this method we will need a "Disconnect Button as well, so find another place you would like to *** a button. Like I said I chose to use existing, if you want to add one simply follow to the bottom and find the last app. IE MYAPP 48. Just add the code preceded by MYAPP 49 and so on.

    So now we add (where ever you have chosen)

    Now we have to scroll down and find the lines of code that look like this.

    / These are the labels for the application that will show
    / up on the screen that gives the selection of buttons to choose from

    "SetCommandLabels01","SETVAR;MyApp01LB;Music||SetC ommandLabels02"
    "SetCommandLabels02","SETVAR;MyApp02LB;Radio||SetC ommandLabels03"
    "SetCommandLabels03","SETVAR;MyApp03LB;Video||SetC ommandLabels04"
    "SetCommandLabels04","SETVAR;MyApp04LB;DVD||SetCom mandLabels05"

    Find your correlating numbers or add those needed and add "Connect"

    I used APP 10 so it would look like this:


    Do the same for the second line, or "Disconnect" code.

    I recommend using BLUE ZX3's button editor. The manual way is to find the line of code that looks like this

    It is between the two stacks of code we just worked with. Find "TV" (again in your case may be different) and change to CONNECT"

    If you edited existing button that's about it. If you added a button you will need to add onto the line of code just above. Looks like this:

    We added "49" so we would add this: <<MyApp49" on the end.

    Now to code the batch files. Open a new 'Text Document" on the desktop or wherever you would like.

    Add this:

    rasdial " "
    In the quotes put the name of your Dial up connection. This is the name that shows up in Network Connections.

    So mine looks like: rasdial "VZW"

    That's it, save the file like this. Go to SAVE AS and type "Connect.bat" once you save it you should notice a newly created Batch file labeled connect. It has a Command window Icon with a picture of a gear on it. We need that file and not a text file so keep using the text file opened. Just add this:

    rasdial " " /d
    Again in my case" rasdial "VZW" /d

    Save again, this time "Disconnect.bat". Now you have your files.

    Place these two files in your skin folder (my case Digital FX 3.)

    Important that the batch files created match the names exactl in the line of code we first added. Now you should have your buttons and are able to connect and disconnect from your connection.

    The second way is here: I personally have not tried it:


    Here is how I made mine work with one button:
    add these lines(or similar) to your exectbl.ini:


    And your button code would look something like this:


    I also use an indicator to know when it's connected:


    And the final.. How I have done it.

    First off I want to use one button. Scrapping around I found a program call ed "SP Dialer 1.40" It is free ware DUN control much like the windows standard, but a little more features. It is a lite file. I downloaded it and once running it already had my windows created connection in it.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Sp Dialer14.JPG
Views:	1
Size:	31.4 KB
ID:	2302731

    This program allows the use of a "hotkey" I press for instance " ] " on the keyboard and it starts to connect, if I press it again it disconnects. One feature I personally liked is that you can associate .wav files for confirmation of connection and disconnection. What we do is much like the first method with a slightly different approach. We can mimic the key press using a built in "Sendkey" code already in MS.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	DUNhkey.JPG
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Size:	39.2 KB
ID:	2302732

    Open a text file and build this:

    set objShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    objShell.SendKeys "]"
    Again, the " ] " can be changed to any hotkey you want, it needs the quotes in the code though. Save it with the extension ".vbs"

    So "Connect.vbs" you will notice it saved a script Icon. Place the created script in your skin main folder once again (Ie DFX3)

    Now open SP Dialer and under general settings assign the coreleating Hotkey. Go to the main screen of SP Dialer, Double click your newly created script and you should see it Dial. Double click it again and it should hang up. Pretty Cool.

    Now we follow the first options directions almost exactly the same. Use sense, there will be variable for everyone juts follow it. The difference is the code.

    So you will need to add:

    "MyApp27","RUNQW;wscript.exe" "$SkinPath$\connect.vbs"

    Once again.........MyAPP could or will be different #. Make sure the vbs file we created has the same name as that of it in the code or it won't work.

    Now I used BlueZX3's button editor (Search for Bluezx3 and his name has link to it) and added my own PNG, menu icon. You can use the button editor for all of it actually. It adds the code to the Exectbl File as well *** the button, images etc.. It can all be done from here. I showed the manual way as well. You just have to know the code you need and what you want it to do.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Bedit.JPG
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Size:	56.1 KB
ID:	2302737

    The name of the PNG File has to be the same of your button label. Just look in the menuicons folder and you'll see what I mean, they all match up. Now I press my button and it dials for me, confirming connection with a wav file I added. (You can ad the wav files right in SP Dialer)Another press and I am off line. This is what my final button looks like.

    DUN Button

    You might have to play around with a little. Feel free to ask any questions, stupid or not, I asked many for this.


    SP Dialer 1.40

    If you need any files or like the Image Icon I used just PM me and I can email you.

    Thanks for the final help JohnWPB.

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    So, first I have to find where this line is and add this to it...forget that...

    My DFX button editor/creator just makes it soooo much easier.
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      Doug, Great solution! I have added the necessary code to the DFX skin, and a corresponding button for it. I also put your section above in the help file (With full credit given of course) on how to set the program up. The script is in place using the ] hot key, if someone wants to change it to something else, they can edit the .vbs script to do so.

      And I agree with Blue above I use it now instead of trying to figure out where to put everything in the exectbl manually!

      You may even want to put a screen capture above, with the correct info filled into the boxes
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        Hey thanks a lot...Yeah blue yer button editor is my lifeline. That's great that it's getting into the skin. The more options the better, and DFX is more options than I can play with at once. will do on the Screen Capture.