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    ok I am having a problem and if anybody can help me out I have the latest rr and mappoint 2006. In the rr config I have pointed the gps to mappoint.exe and put Mappoint in the window name box and put the port number of my gps in the port box and also marked for mappoint on the radio buttons but on the default skin if i push gps nothing will happen at all and when I use digital fx skin the latest 4.0 one and change the button to be the mappoint button when i push it it will open as a window on top of rr so if I push and button on rr then it goes behind rr and it will not show where i am till I push track gps on mappoint what have I done wrong if someone could let me know or point me to a post that would help because I did a search several different ways and could not find anything about this problem

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    Things might have changed (I use an old version of rr) but all you had to do was set mappoint in RR config and it worked. Its the built in solution for RR so no mapping exe's or anything like that. Just set the radio button in config and put the port the reciever is on in and your done.
    Appologies if this has changed.
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      ok you were right on just selecting the mapoint and not inputting it to point to mappoint but I am still having the problem that the default skin does nothing when you click gps and then in digital fx skin it still opens it as a window and none of the buttons on the skin do anything at all to mappoint