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stupid FMOD question

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  • stupid FMOD question

    ok, personally, I've never liked winamp for a number of reasons, but installed it to start with for my RR installation because it's really not that bad and I had used it before.

    Now I'd like to give FMOD a try since I've never seen it. I consider myself fairly adept with computers, but I was completely thrown off by FMOD. I installed FMOD and opened up the folder to start the player to give it a test drive.... but where's the player??? All I see are a bunch of header, library, dll and c++ files, etc. I can't remember the last time I felt this completely inept sitting in front of a computer.

    I hope this is a very simple question.

    Edit: I guess I should clarify I've only installed FMOD on my home computer to see if it was something I wanted to transfer to my carpc.

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    in rr.ini,

    you must have FmodRR.dll registered, for more details have a look to the last official release from guino. be aware that most skins are setup to use winamp, along with some plugins and scripts.
    BASSRR ==> [Audio Player/MusicDB/Cd Player/Ripper/Rate/Internet Radio/Audio Capture/Youtube Video]
    RRTube ==> [View/Download Youtube Videos]
    WifiMan ==> [Wifi Manager]
    RRec ==> [Audio Capture]

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      I don't believe FMOD has a stand alone player. I guess you can consider it a plugin.

      I could be wrong though


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        the fmod uses windows to play files and doesn't use wmp either..
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