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Getting Rr Skin To Full Screen

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  • Getting Rr Skin To Full Screen

    I am using a 8.3 touch screen and i cant get road runner to full screen. does anyone know the right ratio to get it to cover full screen. the closet i can get is wide screen with about an inch at the bottom showing the desktop screen.

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    Most skins are designed for a resolution of 800x600. A few use 800x480.


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      all you have to do is edit the general.ini for the skin to show what your screens resolution is. It may move some elements, but that usually works.
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        dont know awhole lot about editing the files for the skin but it lsvoid 3.2 but i have tried running it in 800x600,800,480,640x480, nothing seems to make it a complete full screen


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          its a vga touchscreen


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            Go into the Road Runner/Skins/LSX VOID 3.0/ Folder and open general.ini in notepad.

            Note these lines:


            Leave the originalwidth & originalheight alone.

            Change the showwidth and showheight to what resolution your running the monitor at in display properties.

            If you are running 800 x 600, then it would look like this:

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              Void changes the size from within (options > general options). That may make a diferrence.
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                In another post, you mentioned you have an 8.3 Lilli (there isn't one, so I assume it's their 8.4" that you have) and all the 8's (unless it's widescreen) run at 800x600.

                LSX void and a lot of skins are designed for 800X480 (most widescreens use this resolution) and can stretch using the method that JohnWPB mentioned. It's not optimal to strech pixels, but it will be full screen. Just make sure in display properties the resolution is set to 800x600.

                There are some skins that run better at 800x600 (john's uber-popular DFX, for example) and others. The easy way to tell is look at the resolution of the screen shots, that's 99.9% of the time the resolution the skin is in (or at least the aspect ratio.)

                BTW, the folder that john is referring to is the folder that the skin is in, so probably:
                C:\Program Files\Road Runner\skins\LSX Void...
                Open the file mentioned in notepad, change the values he mentioned, then click save and close notepad, open up RR and all should be well.
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                  thanx for all the help, changing the general.ini file worked wonders. thanx again for everone'ss help