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RRradar Radar detector like tomtom gps

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  • RRradar Radar detector like tomtom gps

    I should like to create a plugin for RR who prevent to
    all radar present on a file (*.ov2 (tomtom) or *.asc (text file)) .

    The screen are ready

    The screens are based from DigitalFX 4.0 of

    This is a great skin probably the best !

    The main screen can been started by exemple : "MyApp69","LOAD;" on the Exectbl.ini's DigitalFx file .

    I : On the main screen "" , six buttons

    -Settings: for to configure RRradar
    -Save Lat/long : save latitude and longitude on a files Saved_GPS_Locations.txt (a johnwpb script)
    -ADD RADAR : save latitude and longitude on a files Saved_GPS_Locations_RRradar.txt ( idem johnwpb script),
    but saved in the RRradar folder for add a new radar position in the file .asc .
    -DELETE RADAR : delete a radar position in the file .asc .
    -Flag EU : set settings in metric system .
    -Flag US : set settings in us system .

    II : Settings Menu ""

    It is a copy of Madia copy's DigitalFx 4.0 , a little modified for RRradar

    To install a usb key, select its device e:\ ... f:\ , select your .ov2 or .asc file and push "Copy to RRradar" for
    to copy its in RRradar folder .

    Nota: On folder RRradar TTpoi.exe can translate all poi file in any file type and by exemple .asc .
    You can to use too PoiEdit .

    My problem, I am not a programmer . Who can help me , if this project is a good project for you ,
    to create a progamme with autoit by exemple who read a poi file (*.asc) with all radar positions and
    prevent us when a position radar arrive whis a song and a .gif picture (speed_limit*.gif) for usa.

    -( 500 m or 500 mi ) on the main screen give the distance between us and the last radar .

    - Idem for the right vertical slider .

    - A warning sound can be added on settings or not .

    - If you see than a radar dont exist on our file *.asc the button "add radar" can add it .
    - If you see than a radar dont exist on the road you can erase it on the .asc file .

    If you love this project help me please .

    Thank you

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    i am looking for something like this for ages!!! it is so obvious but nobody has done it yet - visual and audible notification on any screen you are in rr (for poi or any other coordinates). it would be even better if not only approaching in angle or distance but keeping the direction and route you are on to give you a notification (what about garmin mobile pc as underlying gps nav, which is the best and most accurate in laptop market).

    i prefer visible notification (big red flashing) since it takes my attention while driving and listening loud music (audible beeps blow my speakers and ear out).

    do you say you have a working solution or only the skins ready?

    there is something similar already built-into rr but never seemed to work and i don't know if you can have those popup boxes like you show on your screen shots. it is in the "native reminder function" thread.


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      Thank upspace,

      Just sckin screen are ready . You can test it . Its easy to run .

      For the calculs I had found xls files or link
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        Have you tried this:

        Would be nice if someone continued to work on this, and added direction support for the cameras.


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          RRradar for GatsoHunter

          Hi all,

          I had modified RRradar for GatsoHunter.

          Who can test it for me .

          (I have not gps for the moment)

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            Great idea, love it! I need something like this as I'm always speeding

            If I want to try this, do I need to use DF4 skin?

            New Car PC Build list in progress


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              Thanks Koti

              You can use dfx4 or adapt with the skin editor .

              Yes if you are a programmer


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                Need Helps

                I all guys,

                Anybody can help me to write a plugin or autoit script for my needs ???

                Thanks all


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                  i am patiently waiting for blues radar plugin which should do exactly what you need.


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                    I upspace,

                    Do you have a link for blues radar plugin ?
                    Thanks for your answer


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                      Could you also point me to it as I can't seem to find it either... LOL
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                        Originally posted by Blue ZX3 View Post
                        Could you also point me to it as I can't seem to find it either... LOL
                        Hi Blue,

                        I love your work !

                        I think than the link is :




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                          Originally posted by Enforcer View Post
                          I have no idea why you want to have this guy running as a plugin in your car?

                          But, whatever floats your boats cars.
                          I look for an plugin speedcam events like gatsohunter but who run alone (whis a file .csv or .ov2)