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Radio station lists getting confused

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  • Radio station lists getting confused

    It was all good, my CarPC has been running fine without being touched for over half a year. Then the hard drive died. I knew I should have ghosted it!

    Anyway, so now its rebuilt and has a new lease on life, with the latest version of RR, and for the moment just the basic brushed metal skin. But there are a couple of niggling issues with my HQCT, which I'm not sure I should blame on the HQCT or on RR, or a combination.

    1. If I add stations to my presets, they all work fine until I switch to music. Then I go back to radio, and my preset stations are all wiped and replaced with my playlist. This gets very annoying, especially coming back from hibernate, the radio tunes into the first preset freq, which is an MP3, so it gets confused and tunes to static on 87.9FM

    2. The HQCT window doesn't like to stay minimised, and I see it flash up every now and again when changing screens. Especially the GPS, which makes sense because of the transparent area.

    3. This bit really belongs in a HQCT thread, but I'll add it anyway... Every time I power up (full boot or resume from hibernate) I only get radio sound out of the left audio channel. If I turn the HQCT volume up or down one notch, I get stereo. Every second volume step turns the right channel off. Even if I try to save the stereo volume settings by running RRHQCT outside of RR and exiting, the same thing still happens. My HQCT is from the very first production batch.

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    Playing a bit more this morning.
    If I clear out the MP3 playlist from my radio presets (ie, delete all the entries in the preset list) then add a couple of stations, if I toggle in and out of "LOCAL" mode, the presets all disappear.

    And I also noticed a #4 to add to the list.
    If I'm tuned to FM, and directly key in an AM frequency, the AM station is tuned in, but the display still says "FM".

    Anyone have any suggestions for any of these issues?