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Muting Winamp/Wave on external line in

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  • Muting Winamp/Wave on external line in

    Hi Guys,

    Based on my research it seems that there is too many technical issues to support Bluetooth phones in Windows and given that GSM is almost dead in this country, and the lack of support for the phones I use, I think I will be adding an external Bluetooth car kit (probably from Parrot).

    I want to utilise the car speakers for phone calls so will feed the car kit into the PC line in. I need to be able to mute the RR player or Silab radio when a call comes in. It seems there are two ways to do this:
    1. Mute Winamp or Wave when there is a signal on the line in
    2. Mute Winamp or Wave when the Parrot puts out a signal to the mute line.

    I guess that muting Wave will also sort out the Silab.

    Is there a simple way to achieve this in RR or does it need hardware?

    Open to suggestions, searched for a while, but found no definitive answers.

    2007 Toyota Hilux with a CarPC..

    OziExplorer GPS Embedded in RR: