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Need some ipod integration help if possible :)

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  • Need some ipod integration help if possible :)

    Hey guys (and possibly girls), I have everything setup under RoadRunner with digitalFX 3.0 skin, I don't have the latest skin anymore as I found it to be more of a pain than anything useful yet.

    I have the latest winamp which supposably has iPod support... Is there anything I need to do to enable ipod support in RoadRunner as well? ... I want to be able to browse by Artist as I normally do with the files that are in my library on the PC too.

    When I DO enable the ipod integration does the ipod show up in the Roadrunner Browser or.. ?

    Do I need to install itunes to allow it to work with the iPhone because as of now, XP only detects my iphone as a camera by default and asks to import photos with the photo wizard...

    I know it's a pain im asking all these things I can search for, but every thread I find on this information is so different.

    thanks guys.
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