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Ebedded Sygic Focus Issue

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  • Ebedded Sygic Focus Issue

    I am able to embed an run Sygic Drive XP in RoadRunner 9/23/08, however I have noticed that whenever I press a button in the external gps skin (using a modified BMW E36 skin) the sygic app blinks off for just a second then comes back, it is not affecting operation everything still functions it is just annoying, especially when driving and the screen flashes for everyone around to see. Is there a solution for this, a setting or fix that perhaps I have missed?? I am using Drive XP 7.50.514 build 1298. Any help or comments would be appreciated.

    BTW I am running Windows XP Pro SP2 with 2 GB RAM, on a D945GCLF2 MB, using the onboard video(Intel 82945G) latest drivers all around

    OK NEVERMIND - I Guess I should have read all the FAQS

    Flashing of Embbeded applications

    In most cases, clicking on RR's skin with an embbeded application will cause the application to "flash". The application flashes because RR's window comes up in front of your embbeded application. The way to "fix" this is to clip out that area of RR's window so it does not come up in front of your embbeded application. Once the area is clipped out of RR's skin, that region of the window will not surface above your embbeded application, preventing it from flashing.

    The clipping definition must be added in your Application's screen (.skin file). Basically you'll open the .skin file and look for the line that starts with AXX,xxx... copy and paste this line as a new line and change the "A" from the new line to a "C" making it look like CXX,xxx...

    Once the clipping definition is in place, it is normal to see "through" the screen while the application loads (in the space where the application will embed). But once the application is loaded, it will not flash when clicking in RR's skin.
    will try this out