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Help! Need RR and DFX 4.0 advice

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  • Help! Need RR and DFX 4.0 advice

    I need the sage advice of the experts here. I recently installed the latest DigitalFX 4.0 and found that my old VIA EPIA-SB13000 simply hasn't got the horsepower to cut it.

    After looking at all the newer mini-itx MBs, I can't seem to find a replacement that will provide me with the following:

    A [HL]Healthy [/HL]processor - obviously more power than a VIA C4
    [HL]2GB RAM[/HL] - to load screens and avoid paging to disc
    [HL]VGA[/HL] for my DWW-700H touchscreen up front
    [HL]Composite TV-out[/HL] for my Myron&Davis headrest monitors

    Can anyone help me find this elusive MB? Hopefully something that you're using that you know works with RR and DFX 4.0.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm running this board:

    Works great! Not the fastest, but you really don't need a lightning fast pc for this application. It is a good value by far.

    I'm running on 512Mb of RAM, and it is plenty


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      Thanks for the reply. I appreciate your input. After much deliberation and searching, I stumbled on to this motherboard on eBay. I didn't see too much here on the forum regarding the Endura TP945GM so I thought I'd give it a try since it's a 2GHz Duo Core MB for a third of what the processor used to sell for new.

      I'll you know how it works out.

      Thanks again!