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RR not honoring new DST standards

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  • RR not honoring new DST standards

    I downloaded the XP fix some time ago for the new DST standards in the US (which was supposed to end yesterday before the new standard, but not anymore).

    Fired up RR today and the clock kicked back an hour.

    So... closed RR, reset the time forward an hour, opened RR and *bam* back an hour again.

    I don't have any time adjustments by GPS enabled in the config.

    Any idea how to fix? I'm using the 10-11 build (I think... its the one before the 10-13 build). System time is set to auto-set on DST change.

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    Sounds like something else, enabling the GPS time adj setting is the ONLY thing in rr that would change your sys time.

    Its got to be something else..
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      It sounds like windows is making it's own decision on that. Which leads me to believe that your windows build isn't up to date.


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        RR gets the timezone info from windows, reads the GPS and calculates the local time to set it. Either your timezone information is not set correctly or is out-dated. Here in Brazil windows changed to daylight time one week earlier than it should (then again I could probably have downloaded a patch to fix this). I'd suggest looking at your settings and seeing if there's an update for your time-zone, or otherwise disable the feature.
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          i was having the same problem the other day..i beleive in my case destinator7 was causing the time change..


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            RR gets the timezone info from windows, reads the GPS and calculates the local time to set it
            I have KB921028 installed and RRConfig set to not set time with the GPS (as mentioned in the original post)... but somehow it fixed itself and I'll find out tomorrow if it actually works like it should