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Multiple music directories in RR?

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  • Multiple music directories in RR?

    I'm pretty sure I've heard a way to do this, but I can't seem to get the right search string to find it.

    I want to have some of my music in my C:\MP3\ folder and some in my D:\MP3\ folder
    I told RR to use C:\MP3\ as the music directory.

    I can put a shortcut to the D: folder in the C: folder, and it is picked up when I click add albums to save my "All Music" playlist. But, it doesn't show up in Browse mode.

    I can use guinos advice here: and see the folder when I browse, but that doesn't let it get picked up by the add albums for my playlist.

    What I'd like is for it to look just like the C: and D: drive are one, with all the folders in alphabetical order when I browse, and all of it picked up when I add albums.

    Any help?

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    The only way to list different folders in one single list is by using a database with all the listings.. you can use something like RRMedia for that. It should be possible to make a script to build a browse.rrl with all your folders from both drives as well.
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      Check this post out from the RRMedia thread.
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