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    Hey using DigitalFX (awesome work John and BlueZX3) and just had a question. I thought I saw a post before about how to do this and now I can't seem to find it again.

    Is there a way to create a link in a directory that points to another location? For example a link in my 'c:\video' folder that points to 'd:\'
    That way I could play DivX files directly off a DVD without having to use mediacopy to transfer them first. (And without having to back up past my 'root' C:\video directory)

    Thanks, Chris

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    See post #3 here....


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      I saw that post and figured that was only for the RRMedia plugin, but closer inspection reveals Junction.exe is very versatile.

      Thanks for the help!


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        Thanks for the idea .. I gave junction.exe a try tonight but it didn't work properly.

        (d is the DVD)

        junction c:\videos\-CD- d:\

        I can launch those files from explorer and MPC plays them no problem. However, when I browse to them and select one in RR it just keeps playing the first few frames then jumping to the next video over and over again.

        Any ideas ?


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          There is another one that using context menus to setup. It works much better with programs and windows. I use it on my web server.

          Here is the file name

          HardLinkShellExt_X64.exe, i am sure you can get it in 32 as well. Works really well.
          FKA psptibby