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  • Freefone can't connect

    The computer is absolutely beating me down this week... and I don't know why.

    I tried to install a HD player earlier this week. That was successful a while, but I really have no idea how it fixed itself. In the process of trying to get the HD player running I uninstalled my Widcomm stack because I thought I had a COM port problem. Once the HD tuner got up and running I went to reinstall the Widcomm stack to try and get freefone back together. Unfortunately I hit a pretty large roadblock for me. I am currently stuck and would like all the advice anyone has to offer.

    I have looked at the freephone implementation. Everything looks right, the code was still changed in the section. I did change the com port to 40 (what the bluetooth connector said the computer was on). However, freefone will not connect in standalone or within road runner right now. But, since it was working last time it should still be able to work (aside from a com port error), right??

    Now, the computer can connect to the phone, outside of RR, using the MS bluetooth utility. However, since uninstalling the Widcomm stack I have noticed a lot of com ports disappeared in the hardware profile. This brings me to what I think is the hurdle:

    When trying to reinstall Widcomm I get an error saying I must have administrator priveleges. Well, I do. No big deal, I logged on in safe mode as the administrator. I got another error saying the administrator has set rules that say the software cannot be installed. I have been looking for registry keys everywhere that would cause this to happen, but come up dry searching...

    Does anyone know how to fix this? and, does anyone know if it is actually related to the freefone problem to begin with?