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Flash Showing white Background in new install

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  • Flash Showing white Background in new install

    I have just completed my new install on my new PC. Everything seems to work but the Speedometer (flash) is showing the white background. How can I make it transparent again.

    Is there a setting in the RR config that I missed?


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    flash version....

    check which version of flash you got

    I got 10 (latest)

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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      I updated to the latest flash stuff. Still getting it... I don't understand...
      what's going on with all this stuff...

      My touch screen will not work cause I added in SP3 for XP Pro.... It just seems like little stuff...

      Any other idea on the Flash not being transparent...


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        I had a huge problem with that, i updated everything, then installed flash and it still didnt work. I did it on sp2. What my help is go to a game site like new grounds or addicting games, some place that uses flash to play games, then try to play one and it will make you install it. Thats the only way i got mine to work.


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          That was it.... Dang IE... I hate IE.
          Thanks a ton...

          ok an entire new setup done in 15 hours. Bought myself a nice gift from Santa to Batmaninls.... lol

          Intel D945GCLF Mini-ITX w/integrated Atom
          2.5" Sata Drive
          2 GB Ram
          picoPSU-90, 90w output, 12v input DC-DC Power Supply
          * I must say this this power supply is great.... Works great and small....
          Lilliput touch screen is a working with new drivers.

          Will I'm going to build the box tomorrow and hope to take the entire thing for a ride. My box should not have to be more than 7"x 7" 2 1/2" high...

          This is an awesome toy.

          One step closer to putting that electric car on the road....

          Thanks to everyone for all the help....