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    UPDATE Jan 24th, 2009:

    I have improved the RoadRunner.exe compatibility process to work correctly with girder without requiring any changes to girder settings. If you use girder you can just drop it over the install folder and you should be ready to go.

    The alternative of search/replacing the girder GML file to change "RoadRunner" to "RideRunner" is still best.



    Hello Everyone,

    For this release of the software, I wanted to give you some inside news on Road Runner ...

    Since November 2007 (yes: 2007) I have transferred copyrights of the Road Runner software (my share of the code) to a company called NISU Automotive SL, based in Madrid, Spain.

    NISU Automotive is a company founded by me (Wagner), Antonio (an experienced CEO) and a capital investment called "Grupo 8", a private investment group that has invested money to make this new project a reality.

    Of course, the above implies in a few changes. Starting from the time you saw me a little "distant" from the forums while I was working on the code that now belongs to this new company -- a "Pro" version of the software meant to run on specific hardware they'll be manufacturing. I want to assure everyone that any code contributed to the free/open version of RR was either removed, re-coded or a permission was obtained from the author through this process.

    Now, Instead of what you may think, NISU is not a software company, but a hardware company. We have been working hard all this time to design our own carpc solution with plenty of functions, and developing the "Pro" version of the software that is meant to control the specific hardware we will be manufacturing (and will be INCLUDED with it -- NOT SOLD), so in the next months a new CarPC (infotainment system) will be on the market with everything included. We will also manufacture some devices that I think will be welcome by all of you -- generally, devices that are small, efficient and with good quality, to mention a few: a bluetooth hands free hardware solution for integrating your phone into your pc's, a power amplifier, an intelligent shut down controller, a radio device, and more.

    Now, one of big the changes is in the name of the software: In order to avoid conflicts with Warner Bros regarding the brand Road Runner, we have legally registered the name Ride Runner, which will be the new name for the project from now on.

    Regarding Ride Runner (yes, already using the new name) nothing will change for us, users of this forum. There will "always" be a free version of the software -- which will always include the contributions made by users along the years. So please, comments like "this is the beginning of the death of rr" or "companies always destroy good projects like rr" have no place in this company. I am part of NISU, and i think i have never defrauded anyone here, and I've been available to all of you , to make reality that you have a free and fully featured front end in your cars. NISU does not have the intention to change this, and I never intended for that to happen (or I would have started to "Sell" software by itself a long time ago). So the free version will remain free version as it is today, and I will be here with all of you to help, and support, and implement any ideas/solutions you may desire into the software.

    So, from this release forward the software will be available at NISU's website for download -- it is still under construction but we have placed the new software installer and update for download (for free) so that you have a reliable/fast location to download from. Since the site was organized under an online shopping page, you'll need to register ONCE (and for free) so you can download the software and/or updates. This also makes it possible for you to receive notifications when a new version of the software is available.

    This is where the software will be available from now on: ("Download Software" link on the top-right of the page)

    You'll then go to the software->application section and add what you'd like to download into your cart and proceed to "checkout". If you'd like to be notified about updates to the software, simply check the option during the checkout process.

    Regarding the changes to this version:
    - = Removed
    + = Added
    * = Changed
    ! = Major code change
    # = bug fix
    ^ = Note
    + "RoadRunner.exe" compatibility exe, forwards messages to "RideRunner.exe"
    + "ONSOURCECHANGE" event fires when source changes (xm,sr,audio,radio) 
    	("ACTIVESOURCEID" var is checked to determine new source.)
    + "PRELOADSCRNS" skin command, will re-preload screens from rr.ini setting 
      (good for after reloading a skin to regain back screen loading times)
    * XM & SR Artwork updated
    * RoadRunner is now RideRunner (because of commerical name conflict)
    ! Plugin Manager v1.0 *** See Plugin Manager.txt ***
    # Winamp "END OF PLAYLIST" resume bug
    # "ONSCREENCHANGE" Event fix
    + Plugin API Methods, "Enabled(state), Properties(item)"
    + "BACKGROUND" will try to load background file, if not found, it will try to load it from the "backgroundspath".
      If still not found, it will try to use the "defaultbg" and finnaly if not found, RGB Black.
    ! Plugin Manager v0.5 *** See Plugin Manager.txt ***
    # Resumemusic positional information stored in resume.ini 
    # fadevolumein fixed if source changes while ramping
    # Saftey check put on "picspath" .ini setting to make sure path is valid
    + "ONSCREENCHANGE" Event called when screen is changed
    + "ONCOMMANDINVALID" Event Called when no matching cmd
    * "RELOADSCREEN" improved, now "RELOADSCREEN;TRUE" will preserve list positions, and custom lists (CL)
    * "RELOADSKIN" improved, now if followed by a "load;" then will not display (blink)
    * Improvements to "ACTIVESOURCEID" (now will be a bit more accurate with 5 (Audio))
    + Added "PLAYSOUND" skin command - "PLAYSOUND;wavefile.wav"
    * SiriusComm - improvements for new design of SC-C1 interface, also on radios that are NEW and unactivated (free preview channels)
    + "CLOSEWINAMPONEXIT=TRUE/FALSE" - RR.ini setting, its default is true, but if you want to keep it running, when you exit from rr, set to false
    + Added "mediaInfo.dll" to installer
    + "SETSKIN" skin command, "SETSKIN;skinpath", will set new skinpath, and perform a "RELOADSKIN"
    + "SETVOL;MASTER;xx" special param added, will set master volume control level 0 - 100, ex. "SETVOL;MASTER;50"
    + Weather graphics .png files are now accepted, falls back to .gif files
    + "SETGAMMA" skin command, "SETGAMMA;red;green;blue"
    + "LOADLIST" radio support
    + "RELOADSCREEN" skin command, used when changing skin file live, reloads current .skin file (screen)
    + MatrixPC improvements to directory playlist functions
    + Support to Phidgets inputs and outputs
    + added minimize when video is using builtin or MPC (when u minimize RR, video now does too)
    * some code clean up in "Video"
    * Changes in last source resuming
    Now we all know that there are many plugins/scripts out there that work with the filename "RoadRunner.exe" -- and in an effort to keep backwards compatibility we've made a RoadRunner.exe process which starts and ends with RideRunner.exe -- if you don't think you use anything that requires that process/name, then you can simply rename/delete roadrunner.exe and likely most things will still work as usual. As you may know, we have been through a name change in the past and it was not such a big issue, so with the amount of work we did in testing and ensuring backwards compatibility, we hope this also should be a smooth process.

    In regards to working on the source code, anyone wishing to do this may use one of the previously released sources to add/modify it as necessary then send me the changes so I can merge them into the software. Or you may want to write me directly to talk about it first (since most things these days can be accomplished with extension plugins).

    I'll be updating my personal website ( and the mirror with information/links as well as the documentation on integration and so on.

    Thanks for your continuing support and understanding,
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    Ride Runner RR's Myspace

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